How to Save Multiple Pages As One PDF Document

By Isaiah Turning

According to, the PDF format is the formal open standard for sharing information in digital format. For this reason, you may need to create a PDF file to share a document or file with another person. Adobe's PDF authoring software Adobe Acrobat is the standard, but the software's cost does not make it a good option for the casual user. If you need to create a PDF file, you can use a PDF printer, which is a software that uses your computer's print function to save a file as a PDF.

Step 1

Download and install a PDF printer on your computer. Two free options are PrimoPDF and CutePDF (see "Resources," below). Some PDF printers may require you to restart your computer after installation.

Step 2

Open the multiple-page document you need to convert to a PDF. If needed, transfer all the pages into one document.

Step 3

Choose the print option from your current application. In most applications installed on a Microsoft Windows operating system, select "File" and choose "Print."

Step 4

In the "Print" setup panel, choose your installed PDF printer from the drop-down list of installed PDF printers. For example, if you installed PrimoPDF, select "PrimoPDF" as the printer name.

Step 5

Click "OK" to confirm the print options. The PDF printer will save the file as a PDF. In some cases, the PDF printer will open and request that you configure save settings for the PDF file.

Input the file name you want the PDF printer to use to save the PDF file. Click "Save."