How to Save Multiple Pages As One PDF Document

By Isaiah Turning

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According to, the PDF format is the formal open standard for sharing information in digital format. For this reason, you may need to create a PDF file to share a document or file with another person. Adobe's PDF authoring software Adobe Acrobat is the standard, but the software's cost does not make it a good option for the casual user. If you need to create a PDF file, you can use a PDF printer, which is a software that uses your computer's print function to save a file as a PDF.

Step 1

Download and install a PDF printer on your computer. Two free options are PrimoPDF and CutePDF (see "Resources," below). Some PDF printers may require you to restart your computer after installation.

Step 2

Open the multiple-page document you need to convert to a PDF. If needed, transfer all the pages into one document.

Step 3

Choose the print option from your current application. In most applications installed on a Microsoft Windows operating system, select "File" and choose "Print."

Step 4

In the "Print" setup panel, choose your installed PDF printer from the drop-down list of installed PDF printers. For example, if you installed PrimoPDF, select "PrimoPDF" as the printer name.

Step 5

Click "OK" to confirm the print options. The PDF printer will save the file as a PDF. In some cases, the PDF printer will open and request that you configure save settings for the PDF file.

Step 6

Input the file name you want the PDF printer to use to save the PDF file. Click "Save."