How to Save a New Keynote Template

by Julius Vandersteen

When you work on a slide show presentation using Apple's Keynote application, which is part of the iWork suite of applications, you can base it on one of the free templates -- which Apple calls "Themes" -- that come included with the application. For example, you could choose the "Industrial" theme or the "Showroom" theme. After adding material and editing your Keynote presentation, you could realize you want to use the document as a template, which you can easily do by saving it as a new theme.

Click "Keynote" from the Dock on your Mac to launch the application.

Click "File" from the Keynote menu, then click "Open," and then click the folder where your document is located. Click the file to select it, and then click "Open."

Click "File" from the Keynote menu.

Click "Save Theme." A dialog box appears. Type a name for your new theme. By default, Keynote saves your theme in the "Themes" folder, located in the "Keynote" folder inside the "iWork" folder on your hard drive. Click a different folder if you want to change the location where you save it. Click "Save." Keynote saves your new theme. It appears in the "Theme Chooser" window. Click "File" and then click "New From Theme Chooser" to see the list of themes you can use to make presentations.

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