How to Save Music to an External Hard Drive

By Bailey Granger

Portable external hard drives don't require a separate power supply.
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A massive music collection may take up too much space on your computer's hard drive, requiring the songs to be moved to a larger drive. External hard drives are also good places to back up information in case the original files are lost. These drives come in different storage sizes and power options. Smaller external drives can be self powered through the USB port, while others need an external power source. Music can save directly to this drive, or transferred from another drive.

Step 1

Plug the external hard drive into the computer and a power source, if necessary. Connect the drive to the computer with the provided cable. This cable usually plugs into the USB port on the computer.

Step 2

Open "My Computer" then double-click the new hard drive. This will open a window of the drive's contents.

Step 3

Hit "Start" then "My Music." This opens the folder where music is contained on your computer. If you save your music elsewhere, navigate to that location.

Step 4

Select the music you want to save on the external hard drive and drag the files over to the external hard drive window. The files will then begin to transfer. Do not disconnect the external hard drive or shut down the computer until this process is complete.