How to Save Windows Movie Maker Project to WMV

By Christina Shaffer

You can also use Windows Movie Maker to create a compatible WMV for your cellphone.
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Window Live Movie Maker is a popular program that allows PC users to create movies with family photos, videos and music. When you save your movie project in the software program, the project is automatically saved as a WLMP file and is not playable in popular media players such as Windows Media Player or RealPlayer. If you want to play your movie in a media player or burn your movie to DVD, you can convert the project file to a Windows Media Video in Windows Live Movie Maker.

Open Windows Live Media Maker.

Click the "Movie Maker" tab, select the "Open project" option and open the Windows Media Maker project file you want to convert to WMV format. Your project will appear on the screen.

Click the "Movie Maker" tab, highlight the "Save movie" option and select one of the available options. Depending on your preference and how you plan to view the WMV, you can select the "For high-definition display," "For Computer," "Burn a DVD" or "For Email" option. You can also select one of the mobile device settings if you plan to upload the WMV to your cellphone.

Enter a name for your video file and select the "Windows Media Video File" option from the "Save as type" drop-down menu.

Click the save button to convert your project to a WMV file.