How to Save OneNote Mobile Documents to a Storage Card

By William Pullman

Microsoft's OneNote program allows you to create notes and other text documents in mobile devices. Mobile devices are sensitive electronic equipment and prone to damage and software errors, which could limit your access to notes saved to your phone's internal memory. If you save the notes to a storage card, you can place the card in another device to recover your note files. To prevent the loss of your notes, change the settings within the program so they save to your storage card.

Step 1

Insert a compatible storage card into your mobile device. Most devices have a memory card slot on the side of the device. Check the documentation supplied with your phone for more information on inserting a storage card.

Step 2

Open OneNote on your mobile device and select “Menu.”

Step 3

Choose “Options” to bring up a list of adjustable options for OneNote.

Step 4

Change the “Save To:” drop-down menu to “Storage Card.” The default setting for saving files is “Main Memory.”

Step 5

Save your settings by pressing “OK.” All of your files will now save to the storage card.