How to Save a Flash Video to a Hard Drive

by Edward Zehtab

Many online animations, including videos, games and adverts, are viewed as flash movies using Macromedia Flash Player. Macromedia Flash Player gives no option to download flash movies to your hard drive. Using your Internet browser, you can still save flash movies to your hard drive by locating the files in your "Temporary Internet Files" folder and copying them to another location on your hard drive.

Internet Explorer/Google Chrome


Open Internet Explorer. Navigate to the Web page with the flash video on it.


Click "Tools." Click "Internet Options." Open the "General" tab. Under "Temporary Internet Files," click "Settings." Click "View Files."


Click "View Details." Click "View Arrange Icons By Internet Address." Scroll to the name of the website you want to save the flash video from. Find an ".swf" format file from the website and open it to check that it is the correct video.


Right-click the file. Click "Copy." Right-click on your desktop and click "Paste."

Mozilla Firefox


Open Firefox. Navigate to the page containing the flash video you wish to save.


Click "Tools." Click "Page Info." Open the "Media" tab.


Click "Save As." Navigate to the folder you wish to save the file to and click "Save."

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