How to Save a File as a JPEG in Open Office

By C. Taylor

The free, open-source OpenOffice program suite includes a Draw program that can edit photos and graphics. After editing, you can save your work as JPEG, which offers smaller file sizes and nearly universal compatibility. However, JPEG is not an option in the Save As menu of OpenOffice's Draw program. To save your work as a JPEG, you need to export the file instead.

Open OpenOffice Draw, and edit your image as needed.

Click "File" in the top menu, and select "Export."

Click the drop-down menu by "File Format," and select "JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group."

Enter a name for your file in the available field, and click the top drop-down menu to select a save location.

Click "Save."

Enter a number under the "Quality" settings from 1 to 100. Lower numbers result in smaller file sizes but also in lower quality. Higher numbers result in larger file sizes but also in higher quality. You may need to experiment to find the results that suit your preferences.

Click "OK" to save your work in JPEG format.