How to Save Email Addresses in Gmail

by Lara Webster

Gmail, a free email service offered by Google, was once an invitation-only service. However, as of 2011, anyone can sign up for a free email account with Gmail, which allows users to sent and receive written messages as well as image and document attachments. If you use Gmail to correspond often with the same people, you can save their email addresses in your contact address book for future use. You can save the address associated with an incoming message, or you can manually create a contact from scratch.

Open an email from the person whose address you want to save. Double-click on an email in your Inbox to open it in the Gmail screen.

Hover your mouse over the sender's email address in the top-left corner of the email screen.

Select the "More" tab from the small window that opens and then click "Contact Details."

Enter more details for the contact -- such as address or website, if desired -- using the labeled fields. The mail address is automatically entered by Gmail. Click the "Add to My Contacts" button at the bottom of the screen to save the email address in your address book.

Save an email address for which you do not have an email in your Inbox by clicking on "Contacts" on the Gmail homepage and then selecting "New Contact." Enter the email address and name for the contact and click "Add to My Contacts."


  • check Click "Add" and then "Nickname" on the contact's information page to save the contact under a name other than the name Gmail associates with the email address.

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