How Do I Save the Email Address When Someone Emails Me in Hotmail?

by Erika Dean

Hotmail is a free email service provided by the Microsoft Network. If you are new to Hotmail and want to save email addresses when someone sends you an email, it takes little time to do so. It also saves a little time adding new addresses this way, compared to copying and pasting an email address into your contacts list.


Sign in to your Hotmail account with your email address and password.


Go to your Inbox and open the message sent from an email address you want to save.


Look at the "From" link in the message where the email address is located. Click the "Mark as Safe" link next to the email address so you can save the address. By marking a contact as being safe, you let Hotmail know the email is not spam.


Click "Add contact" after marking the contact as safe.


Check the box next to "Add as a new contact" and then click "Save." The email address will be saved to your contacts list.


  • You can edit details for the email address you saved by accessing your list of contacts. Click the photo icon beside the email address in your contacts list and select "Edit contact info" to add personal or business details.

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