How to Save an AVI File

By Sandra Parker

Finding a key does not require editing the Windows Registry.
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AVI refers to a specific file format that is common for use with video files. AVI files are generally smaller than other video file types, making them easier to store on your hard drive as they take up less room. AVI files, like most other files, can be saved quickly and easily on your computer without downloading any special software or converting to another format.

Step 1

Obtain the AVI file. An AVI file can be obtained by downloading the file from the Internet or received as an email attachment. Simply download the file from its original location on the Internet or open the email attachment by double clicking on the icon.

Step 2

Choose to Save the File to your Computer. If you are opening the file as an email attachment, your computer will ask you if you want to run the file from its location or save it. Click on Save. This will open a new dialog box. The dialog box will look much like your Windows Explorer function and allow you to choose what folder you want to use to house the new file. Choose the folder by highlighting it in the dialog box.

Step 3

Name your AVI file. The AVI file will probably already have a name, but you may want to change it so that the file is more easily recognized. Simply highlight the name of the file in the Save As box at the bottom of the open dialog box and rename the file. Click Save

Step 4

Move the downloaded AVI file. If you downloaded the file from the Internet, the file will already be saved to your computer. You will just have to move it. Open Windows Explorer and locate your Downloads folder. Highlight the AVI file and right click the file. Choose copy. Navigate to the folder of your choice in your computer’s hard drive, right click in the open space and choose Paste. The file will now appear in the new folder.

Step 5

Go back to the Downloads folder and delete the original file.