How to Save a Few Scanned Documents to Attach As One File in an Email

By Joshua Laud

When you scan documents to your computer using Windows Fax and Scan it creates a separate document for each scan. While some scanners have the ability to scan multiple pages into a single TIFF file, a universal approach is to scan the individual files and then create an archive of those files.

Click "Start," then "Programs" and then "Windows Fax and Scan."

Insert your first sheet into the scanner and click "Scan." Click "New Scan." Choose the profile for the scanned page and click "Preview." Adjust the scan if necessary and then click "Scan."

Click "New Scan" and repeat the process to scan the other sheets. Each scan will stay in the folder on the left. Close Windows Fax and Scan.

Click "Start" and then click on your "Documents" folder. Double-click "Scanned Documents." Highlight the scanned documents you want to add to an individual file, right-click the selection and click "Send To," then "Compressed Archive."

Create a new email in whichever email client you use. Attach the file compressed archive stored in your "Scanned Documents" folder.