How to Save an Animated GIF to Your iPhone

By Avery Martin

Saving an animated GIF to your iPhone makes it possible to use the image at a later time. Animated GIFs act like containers that hold several smaller images played within a short animation. When the images are played quickly in succession, the picture appears to be moving. Using Safari, you can easily retrieve images from the Internet. You can also select GIFs that have been sent to your email and save them to your Camera Roll.


Step 1

Tap on the "Safari" application and navigate to the website with your desired GIF image.

Step 2

Press on the image for 2 to 3 seconds.

Tap the "Save Image" button, and check your Camera Roll to view the image.


Step 1

Send the GIF to your mail account on your iPhone.

Step 2

Open the email message by selecting the "Mail" app and finding the email containing the GIF image.

Press on the image with a finger, and select the "Save to Camera Roll" button.