How to Get Free Satellite Channels With C-Band

By Jason Taetsch

Hook up an FTA receiver to your C-band dish to receive free satellite channels. FTA receivers work with your dish to collect free satellite channels that are beamed over the airwaves in an unencrypted signal. The receivers are designed to link up to the thousands of international and local channels that do not require subscription service or activation fee. The FTA equipment installs with the same cables as your standard satellite equipment to have you viewing free satellite channels in no time at all.

Step 1

Connect one end of the the coaxial cables to the LNB ports on the arm of the C-band dish.

Step 2

Fasten the opposite sides of the coaxial cable to the "LNB IN" jacks on your satellite receiver. If you have a multi-switch in your satellite system, attach the cables to the "To ANT" jacks on the switch, and use a separate set of cables to attach the receiver to the multi-switch.

Step 3

Insert one end of the component cables to the "Component OUT" jacks on the receiver and plug the other side of the cables to the "Component IN" ports on your TV. Plug in the power cord for the receiver and turn it on.

Step 4

Turn on your TV and select the "Component" input. Press the "Menu" button on the receiver's remote control and open the "System Settings" option.

Step 5

Highlight the "Auto Scan" option to search out the available FTA channels in your area. Press the "Channel Guide" button to choose from one of the available free TV channels.