My SanDisk Card Won't Work

By Greg Burosh

Get your SanDisk memory card up and running again.
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SanDisk secure digital (SD) cards are used to store files and take music, photo and video collections on the go. If your SanDisk card isn't functioning properly, you can troubleshoot the problem to get the card up and running again. Should all else fail, you can format the SanDisk card. Formatting should be your last resort because it will erase all data. However, this method may be the key to getting your card to work.

Check your SanDisk card to see if it is an SD card or an SDHC (high-capacity) card. SD cards larger than 4 GB are SDHC cards, which cannot be read by many older computers and portable devices.

Read the device's instruction manual to ensure it's compatible with the file formats on the SD card. For example, not all portable media players can play formats likes .wmv or MP4.

Gently wipe away any debris or dust on the SanDisk card connectors with a lint-free soft cloth. Reinsert your SD card until you hear the slight "click" that ensures a proper connection.

Click the "Start" button on your desktop (or "Windows" logo in Vista). Click "My Computer." Right-click your SanDisk card under "Devices With Removable Storage." Select "Format." Select the default options, and click "Start Format." Eject the card once the formatting is complete by double-clicking the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in the task bar and selecting your SanDisk card. To prevent damage, this procedure should be performed every time you eject the card.

Examine your SD card from the top and look for a notch on the left. If you see one, the card is write-protected, which means nothing can be saved to the card. If you see a sliding notch, slide it in the opposite direction. Reinsert the card, and try to copy a file to it.

Visit your device manufacturer's website. Look for the "Support" link or tab. Located your device on the list. Search for the area with the latest drivers and firmware. Download the latest files for your device. Eject and reinsert your card to see if it's working.