Will Samsung Phones Connect to Apple Computers?

By Melly Parker

Mac computers are manufactured by Apple.
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Without a connection between your computer and your phone, it can be difficult to move your e-books, movies, music and photos from one device to the other. Samsung phones can connect with Apple computers, even though the software they use is owned by different companies. Don't let your media sit on a stationary device -- take it with you and enjoy it anywhere you have your Samsung phone. The process takes only minutes; you'll be out the door and on your way in no time.


Even though Samsung phones run on the Android operating system and Apple Computers run Mac OSX, they can still connect for data transfer. The software on both devices works together to let you use each device as it was meant to be used. However, unlike with plug and play devices, you need to adjust settings on the Samsung phone to make it work.


To enable full data transfer, the Samsung needs to be connected as a USB drive, not in another mode. In other modes, iPhoto may open and let you see, but not interact with or move, photos on your Samsung. Without changing the settings on your Samsung device, the Mac computer may not see the phone as a USB drive and may not give you the option to connect it up as such.

Data Transfer

Connecting your Samsung phone to your Mac enables you to move media between your phone and your computer. DRM-free music, movies, e-books and television shows can be moved when the phone is mounted as a USB drive. Data transfer between the phone and the Mac takes place with a USB cable.

When removing a Samsung phone from a Mac, unlike with other devices, you have to eject the USB device from the computer -- like with any flash storage -- and then tap "Disconnect storage from PC."


Once the Samsung is connected to the Mac with a USB cable, change settings on the phone to make it recognized as a drive. Open "Wireless and Networks" from the Settings menu in Applications, then choose "USB Utilities." Once you've opened that menu, remove the Samsung phone from the USB. Tap "Connect storage to PC" and plug the phone back into the USB cable, then tap "Connect USB Storage" to finish the process.