Samsung Ghosting Problem

By Tyson Cliffton

Ghosting occurs on Samsung TVs when the same image appears at least twice on a TV and the instances overlap each other. Ghosting can result from compatibility issues with external devices, video cable problems, antenna issues and problems with the TV's internal components. Troubleshoot the problem to figure out what's causing the ghosting to best determine how to fix it.

Cable Box

Ghosting may result from an incompatibility between your Samsung TV and your cable box. This problem often presents when you are pairing up a newer TV with an older cable box. Update your cable box's firmware to try resolving the problem; some cable providers make firmware updates available online, others will send updated firmware to you and some will send out a repair person to update the firmware.

Video Cables

The use of an HDMI cable with some external devices results in a ghosted image appearing on the screen. This is often not the fault of the cable directly, but may have to do with a combination of the external device's video output settings and the use of an HDMI cable. Try changing the output settings on the external device or using a different type of cable, such as a component cable. Also, the video cables you are using may be damaged in some way and should be replaced.

Multiple Signals

A ghost image can appear on your Samsung screen if you are using an antenna to pull in channels over the air. The ghost image appears when the antenna pulls in the same source from two different signals. To get rid of this type of ghost image, move the antenna around to different locations until the ghost image disappears, indicating that the antenna is now pulling the source in from one signal.


Samsung projection TVs can suffer a ghost image as a result of convergence. Convergence occurs when at least two of the TV's three projectors become out of alignment, which leads to either similar red, green or blue images offset and ghosting each other. You can fix the problem by adjusting the alignment of the projectors within the TV's main menu.