Why Does the Samsung Galaxy S III Take So Long to Charge?

By Melly Parker

The Galaxy S3 was released in May 2012.
i Anna Webber/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has many features, but isn't nearly as useful when it's stuck on the charger. If your phone is taking a long time to charge, there are a few ways to fix the problem and improve your charging speed. The faster the Galaxy S3 charges, the sooner you'll be away from the outlet.

Charging Time

There is no set amount of time that it should take the Galaxy S3 to charge; the time depends on how drained the battery has become. If it's extremely low, it may take hours to charge the battery. If you're just topping off the charge before leaving, it will take less time. Don't compare full battery charging time to the time is takes to charge a small amount of the battery -- the difference can be several hours.


For the best results, use the charger that came with the Galaxy S3 or one specifically designed for it. Chargers that have the same plug but a different mAh rating may charge the phone more slowly. If you use accessories like a desktop dock, purchase the one designed for the S3 to ensure that it's fully compatible and will not slow the charging of the S3's battery. The battery size of the S3 is 2100 mAh and the OEM charger is a 2.0 amp charger -- it charges the phone much faster than chargers with lower ratings.

Battery Problems

An extremely slow charge may also signal a problem with the S3's battery. If you've noticed progressively longer charging times, consider taking the battery into your mobile provider's store to be tested. An older smartphone battery can lose its ability to hold a charge after extensive use -- it shouldn't be something that happens with a new S3, but one that's seen many hours of use can experience the problem.


To get the best charge from your S3, power off the device and use a wall outlet with the original 2.0 amp charger. Other chargers sold for Samsung phones will take significantly longer to charge it. Charging it from a car or from a USB connection will also take longer. To keep the battery charged longer so that you can wait longer between charges, use Airplane mode when you don't need a data or phone connection and look for apps in the Play Store that help manage battery power. Using the S3 with less brightness can also help keep the battery from draining quickly and requiring a new charge.