Samsung Series 7 Vs. Series 6

By Monica Sethi Datta

Samsung's Series 7 is an upgraded version of the Series 6.
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Samsung makes LED, LCD and plasma televisions in two groups: Series 6 and Series 7. The Series 7 is an upgraded version of the Series 6, with new features such as 3-D technology.


The Samsung Series 6 offers a multimedia experience with Web-connected applications so you can stream videos, watch movies, play games and view social networking sites while watching a show. The Samsung Series 7 has the same capabilities as the Series 6, but with upgraded specifications and 3-D technology. Samsung's 3D Active Glasses produce 3-D images for not only content that is specifically designed to be in 3-D but also for that made for 2-D.


The Series 6 is available in a 40-inch, 46-inch, 55-inch or 60-inch screen. The Samsung Series 7 is only available in a 46-inch display.

Motion Plus Technology

While both the Series 6 and 7 have Samsung's Motion Plus technology, the Series 6 offers the technology in 120Hz and the Series 7 in 240Hz. Motion Plus technology depicts moving objects with less blurring.


As of summer 2010, the 46-inch Samsung 750 is available for about $1,700, while the 46-inch Samsung 650 is approximately $1,300. The slight price difference may make the Series 7 suitable if you are seeking an upgraded multimedia experience.