How to Safely Remove Unnecessary Start-Up Programs

by Tiffany Garden

Some programs can be set to launch when you boot your computer. These programs run in the background, using up system resources and memory. You can use the System Configuration Utility to control what programs automatically launch when you start up Windows. This utility controls several different computer functions, and allows you to turn off programs' auto-start capabilities.

Click "Start" and select Control Panel.

Click System and Maintenance followed by Administrative Tools. If you have not done so already, log in as an administrator to access this section. Regular user accounts cannot get into Administrative Tools.

Double-click System Configuration to launch the System Configuration Utility.

Click the tab labeled Startup. You'll see a list of all the programs that automatically start when your computer does.

Uncheck any program you do not want to start up automatically. Windows does not require any programs to be in the start-up list in order to function properly, but hardware devices such as peripherals and expansion cards may require special software to work, and so those programs need to remain in the start-up section. Click "Apply" and "OK" to save your changes. Restart your computer.

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