What Is Runtime Error 217?

by Sasha Maggio

A runtime error indicates a coding error somewhere in an application. Sometimes this can be fixed by shutting down the application and restarting it. If a restart of the program doesn't help, there may be a software patch missing. Additionally, a runtime error can result if there is a power surge or failure, or the software's installation is interrupted. Most computer technicians would recommend uninstalling the program and reinstalling it to fix this problem.

Runtime Error 217

A runtime error 217 message indicates that at least one DLL (dynamic link library) file failed to register properly, which often indicates a bad installation of the program or application. This sometimes occurs when the files being installed have an error in them to begin with, but it can also happen if a problem arises while the program is being installed on the computer.

Msvcrt.dll and MS DCOM

Msvcrt.dll is an obsolete Microsoft DLL file and may sometimes cause a runtime error 217. Updating the computer's operating system should help replace any outdated files and fix the runtime error messages. The updates will also help with a runtime error 217 stemming from an outdated MS DCOM file. The MS DCOM file is a Microsoft Distributed Component Object Model which works with software to enable communication between programs.

Date Settings

A runtime error 217 sometimes occurs if the computer is operated in a region that does not match its date/time/region settings. Check the regional settings to make certain that they match the location of the computer. For example, if the computer is in New York City, the regional settings should reflect Eastern Standard Time, the appropriate date, and New York or a nearby city.

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