How to Run Two Skype Accounts on the Same Mac Computer

By Daniel Hatter

i Jupiterimages, Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

When you installed Skype to your Mac computer, you had to sign in to your account before you could begin using the machine. By default, the account you use for the first sign-in becomes the computer's default Skype account. You do still have the ability, however, to sign in with a different account. To run two different Skype accounts from the same Mac computer, you need to sign out of the default account and change a sign-in setting.

Step 1

Click the "File" menu in the Skype program window and then click "Sign Out." The main Skype window will close and you will be taken to the Skype splash screen.

Step 2

Type the account name for your other Skype account in the "Skype Name" field. If you created the Skype account through a Microsoft or Facebook account, click the appropriate button on the right side to change the sign-in mode.

Step 3

Type your Skype password in the "Password" field and clear the "Sign Me in when Skype Starts" check box. Clearing this option allows you the opportunity to decide which account to sign in to every time you open Skype.

Step 4

Click the "Sign In" button to sign in to your second Skype account. The main Skype window will appear momentarily.