How to Run Trend Micro in Safe Mode

By Margaret Worthington

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Trend Micro, an antivirus provider that offers program and online-based virus scanning solutions, is a great way to get rid of malicious software that's infecting your computer. If you are trying to get rid of a particularly nasty or resilient piece of malicious software on your computer, one of the best ways to do so is by running Trend Micro in Safe Mode. Safe Mode boots your operating system up so that only critical drivers and applications are loaded. This makes it easier to remove malicious software on your computer.

Step 1

Install Trend Micro on your computer if you haven't already done so. If you plan to run the online Trend Micro virus scanner, you can skip doing this, since there won't be a program for you to install.

Step 2

Restart your computer. As it boots up, press the "F8" key until you see a Windows Boot screen appear. Here you will see a few selections to choose from. To boot into Safe Mode, choose the option that says "Safe Mode." If you want to boot into Safe Mode but still be able to access the Internet, choose the option to boot into "Safe Mode with networking." Once you make your selection, press the "Enter" key.

Step 3

Wait for the Windows login screen to appear, then enter your username and password. The computer will ask you to verify that you wish to continue booting in Safe Mode, which you should do.

Step 4

Start Trend Micro once the computer has finished loading the operating system. If you are using the Trend Micro program, start it from a Desktop icon or the Start menu. If you are using the online virus scanner, open a web browser and navigate to Trend Micro's website to start it. Run a full system scan on your computer as you would do if the computer were booted normally.

Step 5

Restart your computer once you have finished running Trend Micro in Safe Mode. Do not press any keys while the computer restarts, and it will boot normally.