How to Run a SQL Script on Microsoft Access 2007 (5 Steps)

By Lysis

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Microsoft Access is a database application in which you can run SQL scripts. When you use the Microsoft Access wizard to create a query, the software automatically creates the SQL syntax in the background. The SQL syntax created is used to run the query. You can also copy and paste a SQL query directly into Microsoft Access. This is the inverse solution for creating a query. You can copy and paste a SQL script into the Access console, save the query, and run it to test the results.

Step 1

Double-click your Access database file. Double-clicking the database file starts Microsoft Access and automatically loads the database.

Step 2

Click the "Queries" menu item in the main menu. This opens a list of queries available in the database. Double-click the icon labeled "Create new query in design view" to open a new window to create a new query.

Step 3

Click the "Close" button at the initial window that shows a list of tables. Since you already have the SQL script, you don't need to add any tables to the design view.

Step 4

Click the main icon in the Access menu that is labeled "SQL View." This opens a large text box. Copy and paste your SQL script into this text box.

Step 5

Click the "Save" button in the main Access menu. Close the query design view. This brings you back to the main query window. A new query is listed, which is the one you just created. Double-click its icon to display a results window.