How to Run a SQL Script on Microsoft Access 2007 (5 Steps)

By Lysis

Microsoft Access is a database application in which you can run SQL scripts. When you use the Microsoft Access wizard to create a query, the software automatically creates the SQL syntax in the background. The SQL syntax created is used to run the query. You can also copy and paste a SQL query directly into Microsoft Access. This is the inverse solution for creating a query. You can copy and paste a SQL script into the Access console, save the query, and run it to test the results.

Step 1

Double-click your Access database file. Double-clicking the database file starts Microsoft Access and automatically loads the database.

Step 2

Click the "Queries" menu item in the main menu. This opens a list of queries available in the database. Double-click the icon labeled "Create new query in design view" to open a new window to create a new query.

Step 3

Click the "Close" button at the initial window that shows a list of tables. Since you already have the SQL script, you don't need to add any tables to the design view.

Step 4

Click the main icon in the Access menu that is labeled "SQL View." This opens a large text box. Copy and paste your SQL script into this text box.

Click the "Save" button in the main Access menu. Close the query design view. This brings you back to the main query window. A new query is listed, which is the one you just created. Double-click its icon to display a results window.