How to Run Safari in 32-bit

by Chris Hoffman

Apple’s Safari Web browser runs as a 64-bit application by default in Mac OS X 10.6. When running in 64-bit mode, Safari isn’t compatible with some older Web browser plug-ins that only work with 32-bit Web browsers. You can run Safari in 32-bit mode if an add-on you use requires 32-bit mode. You can toggle between 64- and 32-bit mode from Safari’s info window in the Finder.


Click the “Finder” icon on the dock at the bottom of your screen.


Select “Applications” at the left side of the Safari window.


Press and hold the “Control” key on your keyboard and click the “Safari” icon.


Click “Get Info” in the menu that appears.


Click the “Open in 32-bit Mode” check box.


Close the Safari Info window.


Quit Safari by pressing "Cmd-Q" and then reopen Safari.


  • check Check the incompatible add-ons website for compatibility updates.

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