How to Run a System Restore for an HP Pavilion DV8000

by Andrea Helaine
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HP laptop ships with a recovery tool that will allow you to restore your operating system in its original state. The recovery tool does not require you to have the CD because all the data needed for the recovery is stored in a hidden partition on your hard drive. You can access that tool either from Windows or directly from the boot menu. You will be able to choose either to restore your computer to factory default settings and erase all the data on it or to salvage a damaged Windows operating system without compromising your data.

Running from Windows

Step 1

Click "Start" and select "All Programs."

Step 2

Select "System Recovery."

Select "PC Recovery."

Running from Boot

Step 1

Turn the computer on.

Step 2

Wait for the HP logo to appear.

Press "F11."

PC Recovery (non destructive)

Step 1

Press "OK" at the "Welcome to PC Recovery" screen.

Step 2

Click "Next" at the "System Recovery" screen.

Wait for the system to backup your data, reinstall Windows and restore your data on the disk. Follow the prompts and reboot your computer when asked.

PC Recovery (Destructive)

Step 1

Press "OK" at the "Welcome to PC Recovery" screen.

Step 2

Click "Advanced Options" at the "System Recovery" screen.

Step 3

Select "Windows System Restore" and press "Next."

Wait for the system to restore your computer to factory default settings. Reboot when asked.


  • Always backup your data, even when using the non-destructive method.


  • If you deleted your recovery partition, you will have to use the Windows recovery CD provided with your computer.


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