How to Run a PCSX2 on a Mac

By Jason Savage

PCSX2 runs many, but not all, PlayStation 2 games.
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PCSX2 is a PlayStation 2 emulator originally created for the Windows operating system. Over time, ports of PCSX2 for other platforms have emerged, including one for Mac OS X. Called PCSX2/Mac, it is not as well updated and functional as the Windows version, but is capable of playing many PS2 games without problems. In order to run properly, PCSX2 requires that a particular set of plug-ins and other tools, including a BIOS file, be installed.

Step 1

Download and install the Nvidia CG framework package. This framework is necessary for PCSX2/Mac to correctly interpret and render the interface and graphics.

Step 2

Install the PCSX2/Mac package. The package includes various graphics and audio plug-ins that will be installed automatically.

Step 3

Launch PCSX2/Mac. Its icon is labeled “pcsx2” and is found in the Applications folder. Its interface appears.

Step 4

Open the Config menu in PCSX2/Mac’s interface and select Configure. PCSX2/Mac’s configuration screen appears. The different graphics and sound plug-ins are selected using the labeled drop-down menus in this screen. Experimenting with different plug-ins will often solve audio/video problems when you're running a game.

Step 5

Click the “Select BIOS Dir” button. A file browser dialogue appears. Double-clock the folder named bios to open it. If you have a PS2 BIOS file, it should be placed in this folder. Note that it is illegal to use a PS2 BIOS file downloaded online. Only BIOS files retrieved from a PS2 you legally own are legal to use. PCSX2/Mac can’t run PS2 games in the absence of a BIOS file.

Step 6

Click “Open.” PCSX2/Mac sets the folder as the location of the BIOS file. You must perform this step for PCSX2/Mac to function correctly.

Step 7

Insert a PS2 game in your DVD drive or mount an ISO disk image of one on the Desktop. Open PCSX2/Mac’s File menu and select Run CD/DVD or Run ISO Image, depending on the medium used. PCSX2/Mac should run the game, but results will vary considerably. Some will run flawlessly while others will not run at all. Try using different audio and video plug-ins when a game has problems running—this will often solve the problem.