How to run Outlook on an iPhone

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With iPhone, you are able to check your email using Outlook. With this option, you can check your email anywhere you can get phone reception. The iPhone allows you to get notes, contacts and other vital information you have saved to Outlook available in the palm of your hand.

Back up all of the iPhone's data before beginning. If you are not aware of how to do this, consult the iPhone instruction manual.

Install iTunes 7.3 or higher on your iPhone if you do not already have it. Connect the iPhone to the computer. Open the iTunes software. Find "Devices" in the left hand menu. Choose iPhone from the devices.

Click on "Automatically Sync When iPhone is Connected" in the summary tab. Go to the "Info" tab. Click "Sync Contacts From" and select "Outlook" from the options given.

Install the "Companion Link" and run the Companion Link setup. If you already have the Companion Link installed, skip to the next step.

Open "Companion Link." In the "Settings," select "Apple iPhone through Outlook." Select "Next" and then click "Configure."

Find the "Purge and Reload" tab. Change the settings on the Outlook if you wish. The settings include when to check mail, whether to leave a copy on the server and other personal settings such as signatures. Click "OK" and "Next" to finish.


  • check Connect your iPhone to the computer and use the "Companion Link" to synchronize contacts and other data that might have changed over time.

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