How to Run Norton & McAfee Together

by D. Wright

Running Norton and McAfee products at the same time may seem like a bad idea to most people, as many have heard that running both products at once can cause your computer to miss problems inside your computer. However, there is a way to run both products at once, even if they are of the same type (e.g., running a Norton Anti-Virus and McAfee Anti-Virus). The trick is to allow one to monitor your computer while allowing both programs to scan. This in turn will allow both programs to find errors the other program may have missed.

Open the McAfee and Norton products in question.

Select the options category on each program. If both programs are of the same type (e.g., both are anti-spyware programs or anti-virus programs), set only one program to monitor.

Scan both programs for infections in your computer if you wish to do so.

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