How to Run Dell Diagnostics

by Jim Campbell
RyanKing999/iStock/Getty Images

Dell computers include a diagnostic software tool that tests your computer's hardware for errors. You can choose to run this application when you boot up the computer. This software is useful when you have errors on your computer and are unable to figure out what the problem is. The Dell Diagnostics tool helps you troubleshoot and pinpoint problems with your system.

Step 1

Press the "Reset" button to reboot your Dell computer. Press the "F12" key when you see the Dell splash screen on your monitor. The computer's boot menu will open.

Step 2

Select "Boot to Utility Partition" using the arrow keys. Press "Enter" to boot to the customized Dell diagnostic partition.

Step 3

Press the "Tab" key to move the selection to "Test System." Press "Enter." Dell Diagnostics will start to run.

Choose the "Express Test" option. This quick test ensures that your Dell hardware is functioning normally. You can also run the "Extended Test," which runs extra checkpoints on the system and takes up to an hour to complete, a "Custom Test," which lets you test only certain specified devices, or the "Symptom Tree," which lets you input hardware symptoms and checks the hardware based on the symptoms.

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