How to Run Corel Draw on Mac

By Melissa J. Bell

You may have to change your operating system to run some Windows programs such as Corel.
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Corel Draw, a popular vector-based graphics editing program, is the first choice of many professional illustrators and graphic design hobbyists. The program is designed to run on Windows only, as the Mac versions have long been discontinued. However, newer Mac computers can be configured to run Windows in order to access Windows-based programs that have no Mac counterpart. To run Corel Draw on your Mac, you must first change your Mac OS X operating system to Windows.

Make sure that your Mac operating system is completely up to date. If necessary, use the Sofware Update in the Apple Menu. Back up any important files.

Log in to the administrator account on your computer. Click on the "Applications" folder and choose the "Utilities" folder. Click on "Boot Camp Assistant."

Create a partition for Windows, using the Boot Camp Assistant prompt. Choose a partition size that is large enough for the Windows version you wish to install. Make the partition selection size bigger by dragging the divider graphic between the partition graphics.

Click "Partition." Let the computer create the partition, which may take a few minutes.

Look for the "Start Windows Installation" prompt in Boot Camp. Insert your Windows installation CD into the CD drive and click on "Start Installation."

Follow the onscreen instructions for installing your Windows version, until you reach the partition format menu.

Select the partition you just made. For Windows Vista or Windows 7, this will be labeled BOOT CAMP. For Windows XP, this will be Partition C. Check the partition size to make sure you have the correct partition selected.

Select Drive Options, then select Format. Click on "OK," then click on "Next." This changes the partition format to NTFS.

Follow the onscreen instructions to finish installing Windows. Configure Windows to your preferred settings.

Insert your Mac OS X installation disc and follow the onscreen instructions to install the drivers for Boot Camp.

Restart your computer. Update the drivers, using the Software Update, and follow any onscreen prompts.

Install Corel Draw onto your new Windows operating system.