How to Run Config.sys

by Michael Butler

The Windows "config.sys" file on older computers contained information about your computer's hardware that Windows used when your computer started so that everything loaded properly. New Windows versions no longer need the "config.sys" file, and by default it doesn't contain anything. However, if you want old DOS-based programs to work on newer Windows computers, you might need to edit the "config.sys" file. You can use Run to edit the file.

Step 1

Click the Windows orb.

Step 2

Type "run" in the search field. Press "Enter."

Step 3

Type "sysedit" in the run dialog box and click "OK." The system editor starts. You see several windows, including one for the "config.sys" file. Click on the "config.sys" file window to bring it to the front.

Step 4

Edit the file as needed. Click the "File" menu, and click "Exit." Click "Yes" when prompted to save your changes.

Restart your computer and it will boot using the changes to the "config.sys" file.


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