How to Find My Router Number

by Stephen Lilley

A router number is a unique serial number associated with a specific router. This number serves a few purposes. Certain types of wireless networks that a router creates will not allow a person to connect unless they know the router number. This number also helps you if you need to call your router manufacturer for technical support. This router number can be found printed in two distinct places.


Unplug all cables from your router and pick it up in your hands. It will be far easier to pick up your router if nothing is connected to it.


Look on both the bottom panel as well as the back panel for a sticker with information on your router. Some router models have this sticker on the back of the unit, while others have it on the bottom. On this sticker will be various pieces of information including your router's model number, serial number and identification number.


Look inside the original printed instruction manual that came with your computer router. At the very beginning of the manual will be a page with information about the router. Your router number will be printed on this page for easy reference in the event that the sticker has worn off of your router.


  • check All of the numbers are plainly labeled, indicating exactly what they are on various places around the router and in its instruction manual. For example, your router's serial number isn't just listed as a random number on your router's label. It will say "Serial Number" and then the number will be listed. The same goes with your router's identification number as well as the model number. Any number that you need to find will be listed this way on both the router itself and in the instruction manual.

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