How to Rotate a WMV File

by James Red
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Sometimes when you record something on your digital camcorder, you may flip the camera 90 degrees in order to get a better vertical view. However, when you do this, the video comes out sideways. This can be especially annoying if you were planning on exporting that video to a DVD or a media device. Thankfully most versions of Windows come with a program that makes it possible to rotate a WMV video and save the rotated version as a separate file.

Step 1

Launch Windows Live Movie Maker. This program comes with most versions of Windows.

Step 2

Drag the WMV file into the program window.

Step 3

Click on "Rotate left 90" or "Rotate right 90" until the orientation of the video is correct.

Click on the blue icon in the top left side. In the drop-down list that appears, go to "Save Movie" and select the format you want to save it as. Name the file and click "OK" to save the file.


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