How to Root My GO Phone

by Breann Kanobi
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Rooting a cell phone allows you to boost the phones performance and applications that have not been approved by the cell phone network. A "Go Phone," a prepaid phone, faces less risk from rooting because of its lower cost. Whenever rooting a cell phone, there is always a small risk of "bricking" the phone, or making it inoperable. Because of this, inexperienced users may want to avoid rooting their cell phone or ask for assistance from an experienced friend.

Step 1

Plug your Go Phone into the charger. Allow it to charge for three to four hours, until it is at maximum battery.

Step 2

Click on the "Menu" button. Press the directional buttons to scroll to "Settings." Press the "Down" button to scroll to "Applications." Scroll to "Unknown Sources."

Step 3

Open the Web browser of your Go Phone. Navigate to the Cyanogen Recovery Flasher website (see Resources).

Step 4

Click on the "Download" button to download the file.

Step 5

Browse through the GO phone's download folder to locate the downloaded file "Backup Recovery Image." Click on the file to open it. Browse through the GO phone's download folder to locate the downloaded file "Flash Cyanogen Recovery 1.4." Click on the file to open it.

Turn off your phone by holding the power button. Start your phone in recovery mode by pressing and holding the "Power" key an the "Home" key at the same time.


  • Typical rooting methods are suggested for use on Android cell phones. Android is the only phone Operating System that you can root.


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