How to Roll Over Your Minutes to Another TracFone

by Si Kingston

When a TracFone cell phone is activated, it is given a phone number and allocated a certain number of minutes. If you purchase a new phone, you can transfer any leftover minutes from your old TracFone to the new one. In addition to transferring the minutes, you can also transfer your phone number. Transferring minutes to another TracFone must done by a customer-service representative.


Call TracFone customer service at: 1-800-867-7183. Have both your old and new TracFones handy.


Give the customer-service rep the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number on the old phone. To access the IMEI number, enter the following symbols and numbers into the phone: * # 0 6 #. (Do not enter the ":" before the code or the "." after the code). This will prompt the IMEI number to display on the screen. The rep will verify the number and minutes left available on your old phone based on this number.


Zero-out the old phone by entering a set of numbers provided by the representative into the "Code Entry" menu. To access this menu, select the "Prepaid" menu option on the home screen. Select "Code Entry."


Transfer the old phone number or get a new phone number. The representative will give you a set of four digits to enter into the "Code Entry" menu on the new phone.


Transfer any leftover minutes by entering the required code.


Verify the minutes on the new phone. To do this, select the "Prepaid" option on the home menu of the new phone and select the "Minutes" option to make sure all of the old minutes transferred.

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