ROKU Netflix Usage Limits

By Dan Ketchum

Netflix usage limits remain consistent across all Roku products.
i Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Roku's line of devices – including the Roku LT, HD, 2 XD and 2 XS – allow you to watch Netflix and other streaming video services in full high definition on your TV. Because Netflix is a cross-platform application, its fairly straightforward usage limits apply whether you use on the service on your Roku, tablet, PC, gaming console or other device.

Standard Usage Limits

With an active Netflix account, you can watch streaming content at any time, as often as you want, whether you watch on your Roku or other device. You can register your account to up to six devices at a time and stream content on up to two devices simultaneously. Although Netflix works with many different broadband Internet speeds, the company recommends a minimum speed of 0.5 megabytes per second. All of Roku's products support Wi-Fi Internet for wireless connection.

Expanding Your Usage

If you've hit the device limit, you must remove access to your account from at least one of the active devices. Sign in to your account at Netflix's website and click “Your Account.” Select “Manage devices and computers,” located under the heading “Your Streaming Plan,” and then press the “Disconnect Devices” button to remove devices. This process removes your account from all devices at once, including your Roku. You'll have to reactivate your account on each device separately, so make sure your Roku is among the six allowed devices. To double the number of usable devices and streams, sign up for a second Netflix account using a different email address.

Usage Limit Error

When attempting to use Netflix on your Roku, you may encounter an error message that reads “Your account has exceeded the maximum number of requests at this time.” According to Netflix's official support site, this error occurs as a result of using an outdated version of the Netflix application on your Roku. To fix the error, you'll need to update the app. To do so, first select “Settings” and then “Player Info” on your Roku unit. From here, select “Check for Update.” Download any updates currently available for the app and start Netflix again once the updates have downloaded.


If you're still experiencing usage limit-related issues or other Netflix problems on your Roku, both companies offer customer support options. Both Netflix and Roku offer searchable info databases, live chat support and troubleshooting solutions for common errors at their official websites. Netflix offers a 24-hour customer service help line at 1-800-585-7265 while Roku offers phone support at 1-888-600-7658.