How to Rip a Video From a DVD Onto a Computer

By Steve McDonnell

You can use free DVD ripping software to rip a DVD to the hard drive.
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When you "rip" a DVD to a computer, you copy the contents of the DVD to the computer's hard drive. Ripping a DVD does not change the format of the files on the DVD and you can open a ripped DVD from your hard drive just as you would open it from a DVD drive. To rip a DVD to a computer, you need to download and install software and follow the instructions to rip the DVD to the hard drive.

Step 1

Make sure you have the legal right to make a copy of the DVD and place it on your computer. Do not rip the DVD to the hard drive if the license agreement for the video does not permit you to make a copy for your personal use.

Step 2

Download and install free DVD ripping software from a website like and many others.

Step 3

Launch the DVD ripping software. Insert the DVD into the DVD drive. Follow the instructions in the software to select the chapters and and scenes you want to copy and rip the DVD to the hard drive. Remove the DVD when the process is complete.

Step 4

Launch a DVD viewing program and open the DVD from the location where it was ripped to the hard drive. Ensure that you can view the ripped DVD.