How to Rip Subtitles From MKV

by Anthony Bonesarelli

MKV (Matroska Video) is a file type generally used for high-definition video files. Though similar to AVI (Audio Video Interlace) or MOV (QuickTime video), the MKV file is a more versatile container, capable of storing metadata such as chapters and subtitles. Unlike permanently embedded subtitles in an AVI file, the MKV Extract GUI (graphical user interface) can easily extract subtitles from an MKV file, and save these subtitles into a separate SRT file.


Download the MKV Extract application, available in the resources section. Double-click MKVextractGUI.exe to launch the application.


Click the ellipse button adjacent to the Input field. Locate and select the desired MKV file on your hard drive. The Content field will display the different sections within the MKV file, including the video, audio and subtitles tracks.


Click to checkmark, and select all of the subtitles tracks shown in the Content field.


Click the "Extract" button. The subtitles will be saved as individual SRT files in the same directory as the original MKV file.


  • check This process will not work if the subtitles are an intrinsic part of the video. In other words, you cannot extract the subtitles if you cannot turn off the subtitles track when watching the video.


  • close It is illegal to share and download copyrighted material. Do not support the proliferation of unauthorized videos.

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