How to Rip Online Videos

By Nick Grimes

Download and view videos from the Internet.
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Online video is one of the biggest and fastest-growing uses of Internet technology. Sites such as YouTube don't really like to help you download videos to your computer. But there are ways--if you know where to look.

Using a Plugin

Navigate to one of the first two sites in Resources that host video-downloading plugins.

Click "Add to Firefox," then reset your browser.

Navigate to the page hosting the video you wish to download.

Right-click anywhere on the page and open the menu for your downloading plugin. Select "Download File."

Browse to the location you wish to save your video and click "Save." This method is best for users who want to work with the original file exactly as found on the page.

Using a Website

Navigate to one of the second two sites in Resources that host video-conversion services. On "Zamzar," click "Download."

Enter the URL for the site containing the video you wish to download into the bar on the video-conversion webpage.

Choose the format you want the video converted to from the page's drop-down menu.

Click "Start" on "Vixy," or input your email address into "Zamzar," then click "Convert."

Wait for the "Vixy" download to become available (it may take up to a minute, depending on the size of the file) then click "Save." On "Zamzar," wait up to five minutes for the file to be converted and sent, then check your email address to download the file. This method works best for users wishing to convert files to a more universal format FLV (FLash Video).