How to Rip a DVD to a Mac

by Bennett Gavrish

One of the best features included on the latest line of Apple iPods is the availability to play video files right on the iPod screen. However, most people already have their favorite movies and television shows on DVD. Thanks to a program called Handbrake, you can rip those DVDs to your Mac computer instead of having to purchase shows and movies again in an iPod form. Learn to transfer DVD content to your Mac computer by using Handbrake.

Go to the Handbrake website (see Resources) and download the latest version of the software, Handbrake 0.9.2.

Follow the on-screen guide to install the software, then click on the Handbrake icon in the dock to launch the program.

Insert the DVD you would like to rip into the DVD drive of your computer.

Browse the inserted DVD from the Handbrake pop-up window. Click on the DVD icon and choose "Open."

After the Handbrake program reads the DVD, you can customize the ripping procedure by adjusting the destination of the file, the name of the file, the type of file and the picture settings. For use on an iPod, it is best to rip to a .MP4 file.

Click the "Start" button at the top of the Handbrake window to begin the ripping process. Depending on the length of the movie or television show, ripping could take over an hour to complete. Handbrake will notify you when the procedure is complete. Then you can eject the DVD and play the newly created file directly on your Mac or iPod.


  • close It is illegal to rip DVDs that you do not own. Only use these procedures for DVDs that you own.

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