How to Rip a DVD

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The opportunity to watch a favorite movie has been made easier, thanks to the ability to rip a DVD for viewing on a laptop or video/MP3 player. You can enjoy the pleasure of changing from one movie to another without having to swap DVDs. When you rip a DVD to an AVI or MPG file, you can reduce large files from 4 to 9 gigabytes down to portable file sizes.

Rip a DVD to a Computer

Use a program such as AutoGK to rip DVDs to an AVI format. This is a software program designed for beginners. Three simple steps are outlined to transfer DVD data to your PC. There are additional steps to further fine tune the rip for advanced users.

Setup the input and output directories, select the audio and subtitle track and choose the output size. Follow the onscreen guide to complete the rip.

Choose the advanced options to determine the resolution, codec, audio and subtitle settings. This step is for experienced users only. Beginners should rely on the default settings.

Press the "Add Job" icon to start the encoding process. After the job has been placed in the job queue, press the "Start Encoding" button to begin the ripping process. This may take several hours, depending on the size of the DVD, your computer speed and your selection of resolution.

Choose DVD to DivX Conversion Software

Make sure you have Microsoft Media Player installed for playback of DivX or XviD movies. In addition, MP3 Codec is needed for audio compression.

Download one of the Codec software programs such as DivX 3.11, DivX 4.x, DivX Pro 5.x, DivX Pro 6.x or XviD to install on your computer.

Consider using Flask MPEG Encoder, Gordian Knot or DVDtoOgm for DVD to DivX and Xvid conversion.


  • check A DVD contains files for video, audio and the menu. For the best quality in ripping to your computer, use a software program designed for your level of expertise.
  • check The higher-end software offers the best features to rip a DVD.


  • close There are many pirated software programs available for ripping DVDs. Avoid programs that seem to be too good to be true, such as one that can fit a DVD onto one CD, or if the price is unreasonably low compared to top name-brand software. Some of these are actually spyware that can cause major problems once they are installed on your computer.

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