How to Rip 5.1 Audio From a DVD

By Luther Blissett

The audio standard 5.1 is used for television and film. Despite the name implying the use of five channels, the format actually consists of six channels of audio: three in the front, two in the rear, and one channel dedicated to the subwoofer. Software is available that can "rip" audio in 5.1 from a DVD for playback or manipulation later. The process is straightforward and does not require a specially built computer.

Step 1

Download and install the DVD audio extractor software. A link is provided in the resources section.

Step 2

Launch the DVD audio extractor software and insert the DVD into the computer's DVD drive. A screen listing the chapters from the DVD will be displayed.

Step 3

Select the chapters from the DVD from which audio will be ripped by clicking on the box next to each chapter on the screen. Click "Next."

Step 4

Select the output format from the drop-down list. Adjust the audio quality by using the slider on the right of the screen. Ensure that the audio is set to be ripped in stereo. Press "Next."

Step 5

Enter an output location for the 5.1 audio files in the address bar. Click "Next" to begin ripping the the audio from the DVD. A status indicator will appear showing how much time remains before the process is completed. Once the rip is completed, press "Exit."