How to Get Free Ringtones on Virgin Mobile Phones

By Chelsea Baldwin

Get Free Ringtones on Virgin Mobile Phones
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Using different ringtones helps your express your personality or identify who is calling you without the need to pick up your phone. Plenty of companies are willing to sell you a number of different ringtones for a price, but it is possible to get free ringtones on your Virgin Mobile phone in a number of different ways without paying an additional monthly fee to Virgin Mobile for "free" web browsing and downloads onto your phone.

Select a website that offers free ringtone downloads (see Resources). These sites don't make any money off the ringtones downloaded, but do make money from the flashy ads and banners displayed in their side bars and across the top of your page. These sites are safe as long as you stay on the one site and don't enter any personal information or sign any virtual contracts.

Search for and select the ringtone you want to put on your Virgin Mobile phone. You can search by song title, music genre or type of sound.

Choose how you want to receive your ringtone on your phone. If you have unlimited text and pix messaging through Virgin Mobile, you can send it directly to your cell phone in a text message free of charge. You may or may not have to select "Virgin Mobile" as your wireless carrier to send it to your phone via text message. If the site offers truly free downloads, you won't have to worry about reading through a terms of service or clicking "I agree" to anything prior to sending the ringtone to your phone or downloading it. If you don't have unlimited text or you're uncomfortable entering your cell phone number, download it to your computer via direct download or by sending it to your email address as an attachment.

Connect your phone to your computer via a USB cable. If Virgin Mobile didn't give you one when you purchased your phone, you can buy one to fit through your Virgin Mobile store or purchase one online.

Open the file on your computer and click and drag it into the data storage area of your phone. Wait for the transfer to finish and safely eject it from the USB drive.