How to Get Free Ringtones for Prepaid Cell Phones

by Alexandra Bee

Free ringtones are widely available on various websites for absolutely no cost at all. As long as your cell phone features ringtone capabilities and can accept SMS messages, you can usually receive ringtones for free from a ringtone service website, even if your phone is prepaid. Using a ringtone website requires few technical skills and most cell phone services provide ringtone capabilities.

Visit a ringtone service website that you are familiar with and you know is free and secure (see References). Reference your phone's user manual to verify its ringtone hosting and downloading capabilities. Each phone varies by model and make, not by the prepaid service.

Browse the ringtone website categories to find the ringtone media you'd like to use for your phone's default ringtone. You can also search for specific ringtones by using the website's search bar if there is one available.

Scroll through the results from your category selection or search input. Select the sound file or song you want to set as your ringtone to view its official page.

Enter your cell phone number on the ringtone's page to have it sent to your phone via SMS text messaging. You will receive your ringtone within moments from the website.

Open the SMS text message from the ringtone service website to download the ringtone file. Download and save the ringtone to your phone.

Go to your phone's settings and tools and open the sound settings and ringtone settings. Scroll through the list of your available ringtones and find your newly downloaded ringtone. Select this ringtone and click "Save" to set it as your phone's default ringtone.


  • close Check and read over each ringtone website's terms & services, privacy policies, and other rules. Some websites may register your phone for a subscription service or send "spam" messages to your phone, so reviewing the site's policies ahead of time can help avoid headaches and unwanted charges.

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