How to Get Free Ringtones Without Internet on Your Cellphone

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Many websites allow you to download free ringtones for you phone. However, most of the sites require your cellphone to access the Internet to receive the ringtone. This can be costly in the long run for those without an Internet data plan on their phone. Nevertheless, a few websites that have free ringtones don't require you to have Internet on your cellphone.

Step 1

Navigate to a website that offers free ringtones, such as PhoneZoo (phonezoo.com), Zedge (zedge.net) or Mob11.com. Create an account at the website to register your phone so you can easily send ringtones (and wallpapers) to your phone with one click.

Step 2

Select the delivery method of receiving the ringtone via a text message. In PhoneZoo, go to "My Zoo" and "Delivery Settings." Change the "Delivery Method" to "Multimedia Message With an Attachment."

Step 3

Find a ringtone that you want to have on your phone. You can either upload your own music and clip it to your liking or use the Search feature to find a premade ringtone. There are plenty to choose from to fit your needs. You can even use the top ringtones downloaded as an idea for tunes you may want for yourself. Press the "Play" button to audition the track before sending it to your phone.

Step 4

After finding the ringtone you like, click on it. Then click on "Send to phone." Your ringtone will then be sent to you as a text message.

On your cellphone, open the text and select "Save Attachment." Then select "Apply as ringtone."


  • If your service provider isn't on the list at PhoneZoo, save the ringtone to your PC and send it to yourself via your cellphone's email, such as yournumber@mmm.yourserviceprovider.net.


  • Although PhoneZoo is free, check with your provider to determine how much text messages cost with your plan.

Items you will need

  • Text messaging access on cellphone

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