How to Get Rid of URL Addresses

by Andrew Meer

When you type a URL into the address bar, Web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome automatically display a menu that contain suggestions based on automatic Web searches, past browsing data and saved bookmarks. Stop this from happening by configuring the browser to stop performing suggestions. Further, you can opt to temporarily stop suggestions based on past browsing data by deleting your browser's history.

Internet Explorer

Click the gear-shaped icon in any open Internet Explorer window and then select Internet Options.

Under the Content tab, click Settings next to AutoComplete. Uncheck Browsing History and Favorites to stop Internet Explorer from displaying URLs based on past browsing history and saved bookmarks. To stop the browser from predicting URLs, uncheck the box next to Suggesting URLs.


To delete your browsing history, click Delete AutoComplete History on the AutoComplete Settings box, check the box next to History and then click Delete

Mozilla Firefox

In any Firefox window, click the button with three horizontal lines and then select Options.


Click the Privacy tab and then uncheck the boxes next to History and Bookmarks to prevent Firefox from displaying URLs based on browsing history and bookmarks.


To delete your browsing history, click Clear Your Recent History, check the boxes next to Browsing & Download History and Form & Search History, select Everything from the pull-down menu and then click Clear Now.


Prevent Firefox from remembering your browsing history in the History section. Use the Firefox Will pull-down menu and select Never Remember History.

Google Chrome

Type chrome://settings in the address bar in Google Chrome and press Enter. Click Show Advanced Settings to bring up additional options.

Privacy options are hidden by default.

Under the Privacy section, uncheck the boxes next to Use a Web Service to Help Resolve Navigation Errors and Use a Prediction Service to Help Complete Searches to stop Google Chrome from predicting URLs.


Click the Clear Browsing Data button under Privacy, select The Beginning of Time on the pull-down menu, and then check the boxes next to Browsing History. Click Clear Browsing Data to delete your browsing history.


  • Unlike Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, Chrome has no option to stop suggestions from past browsing history and bookmarks. Therefore, you must regularly delete your browsing history to stop Chrome from bringing up URLs based on past browsing history.

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