How to Get Rid of a Trojan Proxy Virus

By Jackson Lewis

The term "Trojan horse" refers to a computer virus or malware that tricks you into downloading or executing the file that results in infecting your computer. Common examples of files used to trick users are music and movie files, free games, email attachments and pornographic websites and emails. There are a few variants of Trojan proxy viruses that exist: files that bring a viral payload with them that can do anything from destroying your files to increasing pop-up ads, files that attempt to connect to a remote computer to pass your private information and download harmful viruses, and files that log your passwords and other personal information to aid in identity theft. Since all Trojan viruses are very similar, there are core steps you can take to remove them.

Step 1

Reboot your computer in "Safe Mode with Networking" by depressing the "F8" key numerous times during the reboot process. Select the "Safe Mode with Networking" menu option when it appears on your computer screen.

Step 2

Disable your computer's system restore feature. To do this, right click your "My Computer" icon. On the next menu that appears, choose the "System Restore" tab and select the check box that is next to "Turn Off System Restore." This will prevent any backed-up copies of the Trojan horse from reinfecting your computer at a later date.

Step 3

Update your anti-virus definitions by opening your anti-virus software and selecting the "Update Virus Definitions" menu option. After the update is complete, run a complete scan of your computer.

Step 4

Choose the "Clean Infected Files" menu option once the virus scan is finished.

Step 5

Repeat steps 1 through 4 at least once or until you have a complete virus scan that results in no infected files being resident on your computer.