How to Get Rid of Robots.txt

by John Grossman

A robots.txt file can prevent search engine crawlers from accessing your entire website or parts of it and adding it to the index. If you do not wish to block your website from appearing in search results anymore, you delete the robots.txt file to allow crawlers to index your website again.

Open your Internet browser and connect to your Web host's file manager interface. You can find a link to that interface, along with your user name and password, in the welcome email that you received after purchasing your hosting account.

Look for a file named "robots.txt" in the root directory of your server. The root directory is the primary directory that usually contains the "index.html" or "index.php" file of your homepage.

Click to select the "robots.txt" file and click on the "Delete" button. The procedure to delete the file can differ according to the specific interface of the file manager of your hosting company.

About the Author

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