How to Get Rid of RoadRunner

by J. Johnson

RoadRunner is a part of Time Warner Cable, and it is a type of Internet service that can be installed in your home by the use of a cable modem. When you order RoadRunner Internet service, a technician comes to your home to hook up the modem through your cable and make sure your Internet is working properly. If you decide that you no longer want RoadRunner service, you may cancel the service yourself. There is no need for a technician to come back to your home.

Decide when you want your last date of service to be. The charges on your final bill will be prorated depending on when you cancel service.

Contact a RoadRunner representative. You may call the number on your RoadRunner service bill, or you may connect to a live chat via the RoadRunner website. Have your account number available. It is listed on your bill.

Explain that you want to cancel service and let the representative know when you want the last date of service to be.

Find a local Time Warner Cable office to return your modem. Your service will not be officially canceled until you return the modem. The RoadRunner website offers a search feature that allows you to identify local offices.

Take the modem to the local Time Warner Cable office. Obtain a receipt to prove that you returned the modem.

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