How to Get Rid of Popups on an Android Phone

By Serm Murmson

Pop-ups can be a frustrating part of your Android use.
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Android phones are susceptible to some of the same Internet-based problems as desktop and laptop computers. You may experience pop-ups on your Android phone in your Internet browser or from other independent applications. In order to remove these pop-ups, you can adjust your browser settings and monitor other processes on your phone.

Internet Browser Popups

Pop-ups on your Android Internet browser can be extremely distracting because the browser takes up the entire screen. Dolphin Browser, Boat Browser and Opera feature a pop-up blocking setting in order to avoid this. If you are experiencing pop-ups in your Internet browser, check your browser's settings menu for pop-up options. Some browsers disable pop-ups automatically and may not offer the option to adjust this setting in the browser menu. If you continue to have trouble with pop-ups in your browser, try to reinstall your browser or switch to a different one.

Background Application Pop-ups

If you have applications running in the background of your Android phone, they may cause unwanted pop-ups during your normal Android usage. In order to check your background phone apps and processes, select the Running tab in your Apps Settings menu. If you tap a currently-running process, you can then tap the "Stop" button in order to end that process. Make sure you understand what an app is doing before you delete it. Some critical system services constantly run in the background.

Pop-ups in Other Apps

Many apps feature unwanted pop-ups in the form of ads. In this case, these pop-ups are nearly unavoidable. In order to avoid ad-based popups within a specific app, you typically must purchase an upgraded version. Some apps are completely free but rely on advertising for developer revenue. Therefore, in certain apps you can't disable any pop-up ads within that specific app.

Preventative Measures

In order to prevent app-based pop-ups before they begin, check an app's permission list before installing it. The permission list will automatically display after you tap the "INSTALL" button in the app's Google Play listing. Some developers will also list the permission for the app and how those permissions are used in the app description section. If you notice any suspicious or unnecessary permissions in an app's permissions list, do not install it. For example, if an app provides a non-Internet service for your phone but requests permission to use your phone's Internet connection, the app will probably use advertisements of some sort.

Restoring Factory Settings

If you continue to have problems with pop-ups despite your best efforts at Internet browser and app control, the problem may lie at a deeper level. In this case, you may need to restore your phone's factory settings. This will delete all personal data and downloaded apps from your phone. The exact procedure for a factory reset differs based on your Android operating system version and phone manufacturer. Before you perform a reset, make sure you have backed up your contacts and any other critical information to an external device.